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Top 10 Seasonal Winter Fruits that keep you healthy | Healthy Winter Fruits

Seasonal Winter Fruits

As the days become shorter and the temperature drops, cooking with the fruits that are in season will not only help you maintain a balanced diet but also provide you the opportunity to experience a wide variety of winter fruit recipes. Winter fruits are plentiful and tasty during this time of year.

The top 10 winter fruits are included below, along with a list of recipes that feature winter apples and all the other great winter fruits you may use in your cooking this season. Give them a try.

Apples : Seasonal Winter Fruits

In the winter, apples are abundant and affordable, and there are many types to choose from as seasonal winter fruits. They’re super versatile and can be used in various delicious recipes, like American apple pie, Dutch apple pie, apple crumble, apple strudel, and more. Check out these top ways to use up apples before they spoil, including recipes from Michelin-starred chefs.

Pear : Seasonal Winter Fruits

Late fall and winter bring sweet, mellow, and yellow pears, which are fantastic for desserts, poaching, cheese pairing, and even pizza toppings. Try making risotto with pears, roasted pumpkin and pear soup, or pear salad with rocket, gorgonzola, and walnuts. For a sweet treat, explore recipes like puff pastry mango and pear parcels with gorgonzola, poached red wine pears, or cranberry and pear crumble with cream.

Orange : Seasonal Winter Fruits

The Top 10 Seasonal Winter Fruits that keep you healthy

Winter is the season for the best oranges, large, sweet, and full of oil in their skins. Don’t let the season stop you from enjoying salads; try a fennel and orange salad. Experiment with flavors in a twist on risotto alla Milanese with orange and bone marrow, or enjoy the festive vibes with mulled wine featuring orange slices.


Green kiwis are tangy and in season during the winter, making them a perfect addition to breakfast or dessert. Try a vegan coconut flan with kiwi or a grape and kiwi smoothie with yogurt. Explore these Kiwi recipes to sweeten your day.


Embrace the unmistakable flavor of grapefruit during its winter season. Experiment with unique dishes like fillets of sole in a light liquid sauce of grapefruit, puntarelle, and clams, or get creative with cocktails like a salty dog or a pink punch with grapefruit.


During the winter, pomegranates add a tart depth to your dishes. Try recipes like duck breast with pomegranate or butternut squash and quinoa salad with pomegranate seeds. Learn everything you need to know about eating a pomegranate.

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